Does Bernie Have It Right?

Over the years, I have become more and more cynical about our financial system – not that it’s a bad one, but one that tends to be too self-serving.  The Boys of Wall Street have a win-win game they play.  If you’re in the banking/investment industry, too often there is no downside.  Markets go up – you make money.  Markets go down – you still make money.  Try that in business – small business.  It doesn’t work that way.  Thus, the folks on the Street become insulated from the real world of people and basic economics, and I for one feel that’s not good for us.  If you want to look at a similar situation, look no further to the Fantasyland on The Potomac (Washington D.C.).  Too insular. And too much in control of our destinies.

Do I sound like one of Bernie’s followers?  Nope, his solutions aren’t the right ones – but he definitely brings up issues which should concern all of us.  Is there a simple solution?  NO, and that’s where the electorate (on the Trump and Sanders side) don’t get it. I hope that people can look at this complex web we have weaved over decades of regulatory and societal changes and realize that a “quick” fix, if possible, would be disastrous.   Any changes that will come from this next election will be slow to occur – and as much as I don’t like what I see from any of the candidates, I’m looking forward to slow. Let’s hear it for the turtles!


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