What Now?

That’s the question many are asking themselves two days after one of the most contentious elections in recent history.  I was going to stay away from any commentary, but after the barrage of news and discussions with friends and associates, I once again became a moth drawn to the flame.

If you are a Trump backer, you’re excited about the possibilities to “Make America Great Again.”  If you were a Hillary supporter, you’re still in shock of how this could have happened.  And then there’s a whole bunch of folks (and I include myself in that group) who want to see a different Donald Trump.  One who is willing to move his agenda forward, and yet remember that a 50/50 split in the electorate is not a mandate.

As many have said, “the people have spoken,” but it’s the 535 individuals in Congress plus the President’s cabinet and administration who govern, and that group is not very homogeneous.  Odds are that the majority of those folks are not in Mr. Trump’s camp; thus, how he approaches Congress (and all the other power brokers) over the next few months and into 2017 will be critical to OUR country’s future.

We’ll see a different nominee for the Supreme Court, and we will see different paths taken by the regulatory agencies (EPA, OSHA, etc.), but those are not as crucial as how this new Administration will respond to healthcare, immigration, and more importantly, foreign affairs. Yes, I know what’s been said by President-elect Trump, but saying and doing are very different as every President of the United States has discovered.

How will this play out for the printing/graphics/mailing/visual imaging industry and the thousands of firms and millions of employees?  Difficult to say since so many of those firms are small businesses, and no one was really talking about small business during the campaign. Read Mark Michelson’s article on the subject and the comments made by Michael Makin and Mark Nuzzaco, neither of whom are strangers to Washington D.C.

Yet, let us not forget that every one of those businesses will be affected since they are comprised of individuals.  Those employees and their families will see changes to their personal well-being because of the new administration.  For the good.  For the worse.  I remain cautiously optimistic for the first option.


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