Wine & Print

This morning I was completing an article for one of the PIA Affiliates when I realized that my blogging had gone dark for a few months.  Although I have had plenty to say – much of it political – I felt that the blogosphere had enough of rants and raves on politics.  All I can say is that the next 120 days should be “interesting.”

One of the unique pleasures of my new career (semi-retirement) was that it afforded my wife and I a 10-day trip to California late last year. We started in Los Angeles and for the next week and half put over 600 miles on our rental car.  We drove up the coast all the way to Mendocino (my wife grew up just south of there) with our good friends John and Kathie.

Since all of us had been to Napa and Sonoma in past years, we decided to see the “not-so-famous” areas of Santa Ynez, Paso Robles, Carmel Valley, Healdsburg, and of course, Anderson Valley.  Needless to say, it was a wonderful trip – and a reminder of the role print plays in communication.

As all of us know, packaging will continue to play a key role in visual communications for decades to come.  All of this was obvious with the different labels which we saw at over 16 wineries.  What was a pleasant surprise was the collateral material we discovered at every stop.  Some of it as simple as a six-panel folder, while others were complex marketing pieces.  Granted the wine industry isn’t supporting the entire California print industry, but it reminded me of the key role  print continues to play in this world of self-driving cars, virtual headsets, and Amazon’s Alexa (topic for another time!).


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