California Dream’n

Liz and I just completed a lengthy family visit in Southern California.  We both hail from the Golden State and it was time to catchup up with siblings, nephews, nieces, and of course our children and spouses, who ran away from Texas years ago.

Although we are about to begin our fourth decade in the Lone Star State, California roots run deep – but not to the point where there is serious thought of going back to enjoy the weather, beaches, sunshine, and mountains.  The earthquakes don’t even bother us.  It’s the TRAFFIC!

I spent the first thirty years of my life in Southern California navigating the valleys, freeways, and congestion.  It was just part of life.  Yet, in the past 10 years there has been a real change.  Freeways and toll roads with eight or more lanes criss-cross the Southern California landscape – from San Diego to Ventura. But with nearly 18 Million living in the area, traffic has become ridiculous.  At any given time of the day, or week, what might “normally” take 40 minutes could take 90 minutes or more.  On one of our treks, what used to take 70 or 90 minutes, morphed into a 3-hour trip, which is not considered out of the norm when traveling from West Los Angeles to San Bernardino.

So, while we are still California dreaming about the beaches and mountains, it’s probably just a day dream, because the traffic is really a nightmare!


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