North Bay Fires

Among all the recent disasters in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and California, it’s the North Bay Fires (Sonoma/Napa counties) in California which resonates the most for me.

My wife is from Northern California, and for over forty years, we have been frequent visitors to the “wine country” observing its growth from small rural communities to a major economic engine and tourist area.

Earlier this month we were in the San Francisco area visiting family and decided to make a trip up to Healdsburg at the northern end of Sonoma county. As we traveled through Santa Rosa on Highway 101, we were pleasantly surprised to see the town intact. After seeing the television reporting, we expected to see the town in shambles.  Regardless, many have been affected and having lost a house to fire, I know that the next 8-12 months will be difficult for many.

Here’s the upside.  As we travelled through Sonoma County, we realized the majority of the homes, vineyards, wineries are still intact. The resiliency of the individuals who live and work in this area will ensure the area will survive and thrive – and I’m sure we will see the same in Houston, Southern Florida, and Puerto Rico.


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